Three very "connected" suggestions related to editing and revising manuscripts

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From what I can see right now dabble is only really excellent for planning your manuscript and writing your very first 'rough draft.'
In order to be able to truly effectively 'edit' on Dabble, it seems to me you would need to have four very related or connected features which are present in word processors like Word. You would need the ability to write comments on your manuscript in the margins, like in Word and other word processors. You would need the ability to 'mark' and track changes such as deletions, additions, and paragraph moves. Would need to be able to keep track of separate versions of the same manuscript in one overall project container, but, and this is the suggestion that I haven't seen, which perhaps could be more easily added. You would need to give the user a full door or other container off to the left, like Scrivener has, where you can preserve 'snippets of text" that the author, user, has cut out or deleted from the current working version of their manuscript. (For

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Comments: 2