Highlight Locater or Search Highlight Color

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I would like to not only see a "highlight" ability, in multiple color options, but a "search for color" also. Example: Character A's dialogue may need improving later, as you want them to be "Southern", so all her dialogue may be highlighted in blue. The antagonist's dialogue is highlighted pink. At the semi-finish of a work, the author may hit a "highlighted blue button", pulling all Character A's dialogue up, to be reworked at a later time. (This is why post it notes are awesome, if not sticky! :), to give visual separation to the literary "knot" writers seem to make then try to untangle!) This kind of highlighter locater could be unique to Dabblewriter as other programs have tried "post its" but do not function in the ability to pull up through the actual literary work!

Under consideration Editing Suggested by: Kitinuum Upvoted: 12 Feb, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2